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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Is it just me??

I like the English language, I like words. I like correct use of grammar. and I get so annoyed when things creep into our language that are SO let me tell you my two gripes at the moment

1) ...."for Free"....NO it is not FOR is Free!!!! it could be for£5 or it could be Free but not for Free!!

2) "next up"...since when did we need the word 'up' in there? I now hear it on television ' and  next up we have blah blah"...please just say " and next we have blah blah...

Is it just me?

oh and don't  get me started on texting,,,that's a whole page full

I know I use the  ellipsis sue me!!


  1. Oh my grammar is awful, I wish I had paid more attention to the nuances of language at school.

  2. Tabitha - oh I have to bite my tongue - people do not want to be corrected..LOL...and they really don't need to be - but I'm such a stickler.
    thanks for your comment