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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Post #1 rambling a bit

As an avid blog reader and YouTube watcher I take great delight  in reading about other peoples lives.
Most of the blogs I read I make-up and fashion orientated and some decor related..but what I also noticed was my penchant for 'French style' blogs.
What is it with the French? Look at almost any French woman ( ok apart from those working the fields and crushing grapes with their feet)...and they all have such effortlessly looking style..

How I wish I was able to wake in the morning..toss my locks like a L'oreal advert and stroll nonchalantly naked to the  bathroom...well French women do, don't they?
I on the other hand groan as I drag my carcass out from under the dishevelled duvet...see Edward Scissor Hands style hair in the mirror and shuffle along bleary eyed to the bathroom - not even en suite!


I envy them really ...I envy them because they give themselves time..time to look after manicure..massage..highlight..pamper..and not feel guilty. But we do  feel guilty don't we?

I know I do

Spending time and money being 'pampered' was always seen as a luxury..a self -indulgence that  was a treat..a once a  year Christmas gift...and  it is  hard to get that  feeling out of my head
I know...the  Doctors tell us how good it is to be  massaged and good our body and  mind feels after we have re payed our feet for all  the walking they have done ...with an hour long pedicure..i know this! I really do! why can't I stop feeling I am being selfish?

maybe I need to spend some time in Paris...purely research of course...I just need to find a sponsor.....

dream on....