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Friday, 29 July 2011

think Spa....

it is true...I am off to Champneys ! My daughters and I are about to have three nights and four wonderful days in Tring.
I must say ..I cant wait. The girls will be unplugged from  their pc's and I we will have time to just talk and  be together. No 1 daughter goes off to University inSeptember so  the nest is emptying and  it scares me.

Anyway Champneys  here we come......... see you upon my return

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Crazy Kitty

My daughters kitten is about 10 months old...and is adorable. We kept her inside for the first 6 months until all her injections etc were up to date...

She has discovered the outdoors!!
She is out half the night and comes home exhausted. But her main pass time is catching birds.
I feel so bad, I like  birds..I mean  she  has a  loud jingling bell but still manages to creep up on  them.

One morning recently I looked out  of my kitchen window and saw my lawn covered with feathers...and there...lay a dead wood pigeon. Now  how on earth she managed to catch  this I don't's almost as  big as she  is. She was VERY pleased with herself.

A few days ago my daughters found her with a baby woodpecker. They took it from her immediately and  put it in a box.. up in a tree hoping the mother would find it -  but alas - it was still there  in the morning. So the girls took it to  the  vet.

My dilemma is that Kitty has  basic instincts to stalk, catch and kill...and I feel so  sorry for the birds...
I guess that's the 'circle of life'

I'll leave you with a couple of  pictures

 who? me??
isn't this just gorgeous?