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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Snow !!! arrived....the snow we had been promised, luckily I just got home before it fell...

I love snow!

Little Miss Fluffy Pants (as I call her) the lil' cat had not seen snow before..She was fascinated but wary. Did a couple of skids as she leaped out from the door...hid under the bench ...then very very slowly walked back  to the door... this happened about 5 times..silly kitty

Snow in the Air by Raymond A. Foss

Snow in the air
long before the first flakes
started their long fall from the heavens
snow in the feel, the smell,
the texture of the air
feeling the falling barometer
the shift in the weather
Falling lightly at first, while
I stood at the sink,
mesmerized, watching
their dance downward
Go upstairs, roust the girls,
hear the excitement, the joy
at the first real snowfall
Accumulating white, flake by flake
on the ground, the cars,
still quiet snow, light and airy
a film of white, cell by cell
cleaning the world
in white

 have  some fun in the snow!


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Is it just me??

I like the English language, I like words. I like correct use of grammar. and I get so annoyed when things creep into our language that are SO let me tell you my two gripes at the moment

1) ...."for Free"....NO it is not FOR is Free!!!! it could be for£5 or it could be Free but not for Free!!

2) "next up"...since when did we need the word 'up' in there? I now hear it on television ' and  next up we have blah blah"...please just say " and next we have blah blah...

Is it just me?

oh and don't  get me started on texting,,,that's a whole page full

I know I use the  ellipsis sue me!!

Glossy Box. Jolie Box

Oooh it's nearly time. Time for my Glossybox to pop through the letter box,
I know some people wonder if  it is worth the £12 a month. I have only had 3 boxes  and  have loved every one.
Theres alot of excitement just recieving and opening the box and then you discover the products.
Mostly I have recieved brand  names I had not  heard of or never tried, and that, to me, is the  beauty of this.
I also  recieve the Boudoir Privee box, now renamed the Jolie Box. I have recieved only one so far.
I think I'll probably keep both going for  three more months and decide which one I prefer. Or maybe I'll relinquish both

Will you try?

Monday, 2 January 2012


Happy New Year

Resolution - write more in my blog !

lets see how that goes