I like to Doodle

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


After work I decided to treat my self to a light lunch so I popped in to Carluccio's. The sun was warm and shining and it made me feel as if I was on holiday.
hmm..but what to have?
The brushcetta here is always good so I decided on that...£5.95..but then looking at the fixed price menu
I saw they were offering two courses for £ not to like?
Finally I decided to have the Brushcetta followed by Ravioli.
The Brushcetta was delicious, a  decent amount of garlic, not too oily and the rocket was really peppery.

My ravioli came soon dente pasta filled with a soft filling of ricotta and fresh  spinach...wallowing  in sage butter

( yes I do love pepper)

Have a  great  day

Thursday, 7 April 2011

New Shoes!

I bought new Shoes!

Yes they are Dr Martens

Whilst on a break at work the other day I was reading a magazine and saw these shoes advertised.
It was love at first sight.
I tore the page out, took it home and odered then immediately..and today Viola! they arrived.
Dont you love that feeling of opening a new package, heart beating in excitement.?.And there they were ...laying wrapped in tissue  delicately.
The first thing I did was smell  them - me odd..but I love to  smell new things, particularly leather.,,
I slipped off my slippers....and like Cinderella...put my foot into the shoe....but ALAS !...I was not Cinderella but one of the ugly sisters...the shoe was too tight.
How dissapointing
So  tomorrow I will  arrange to return them and get the  next size up.
I may have to wait 3/4 days now...but there is a silver lining...I'll have another package to open!