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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


After work I decided to treat my self to a light lunch so I popped in to Carluccio's. The sun was warm and shining and it made me feel as if I was on holiday.
hmm..but what to have?
The brushcetta here is always good so I decided on that...£5.95..but then looking at the fixed price menu
I saw they were offering two courses for £ not to like?
Finally I decided to have the Brushcetta followed by Ravioli.
The Brushcetta was delicious, a  decent amount of garlic, not too oily and the rocket was really peppery.

My ravioli came soon dente pasta filled with a soft filling of ricotta and fresh  spinach...wallowing  in sage butter

( yes I do love pepper)

Have a  great  day

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  1. HI, What a beautiful blog! Your ravioli made my mouth water, gorgeous. I noticed you love french blogs, have you ever read labellettrouge, you would love that blog. Congratulations on a varied and interesting blog.