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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Glossy Box. Jolie Box

Oooh it's nearly time. Time for my Glossybox to pop through the letter box,
I know some people wonder if  it is worth the £12 a month. I have only had 3 boxes  and  have loved every one.
Theres alot of excitement just recieving and opening the box and then you discover the products.
Mostly I have recieved brand  names I had not  heard of or never tried, and that, to me, is the  beauty of this.
I also  recieve the Boudoir Privee box, now renamed the Jolie Box. I have recieved only one so far.
I think I'll probably keep both going for  three more months and decide which one I prefer. Or maybe I'll relinquish both

Will you try?

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